Welcome to NET-Fuels! Creating carbon-negative, sustainable fuels from biogenic waste.

Thermo-chemical conversion of waste bio-feedstock
Green hydrogen separated from process syngas
Oxy Combustion
Process CO2 capture & heat through oxy-combustion
CO2 capture
CO2 capture via certified bio-char soil enrichment
Novel electro-chemical processes for bio-methane

About NET-Fuels

NET-Fuels Project Summary

NET-Fuels is a 4-year project funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe programme to develop and validate integrated chemical and thermal processes to produce sustainable fuels and energy from low-grade waste biomass. The integrated system is designed to re-use and minimise process CO2 and, in conjunction with soil enrichment by the process biochar, will achieve certified negative greenhouse gases emissions. Click the play button to find out more via our infographic.

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Project Research & Innovation Areas

NET-Fuels Technical Work Packages

NET-Fuels comprises 4 primary work pacakges, as shown below, with a view to delivering a working pilot-scale plant by the end of 4 years. These are supported by comprehensive management and dissemination activities to ensure exploitation of results.

Work Package 2

Thermo-chemical conversion of biogenic residues and supply of CO2 and biochar

Work Package 3

Bioelectrochemical process for CO2 conversion to CH4 from off-gas streams

Carbon sink
Work Package 4

Sustainability and carbon sink assessment

Business cases
Work Package 5

Business Development and Potential Industrial Scale-up

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6-month review

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6-month review

Stakeholder Workshop Media

The presentations and report for this workshop are now available to download (click the title banner).

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Stakeholder Workshop, Leitat

We are excited to be discussing renewable fuels and energy with related EU projects. Click to read more.

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Project Articles

Posted on 29 May 2024 / Nikolas Hagemann
Use of biochar for hops

Our partner Ithaka Institute has written an article on using biochar created from waste farming biomass to improve growth of hop plants.Click the title banner to read.

Posted on dd mon year / Angie Near
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