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NET-Fuels Stakeholder Workshop, Leitat, Spain

NET-Fuels is holding a Stakeholder Workshop at Leitat, Spain, on 9 November 2023 to discuss renewable fuels and energy with related EU projects.

The 1st Stakeholders Community Workshop includes short presentations concerning the NET-Fuels project, followed by the invited stakeholders’ presentations:
Antonio Sánchez / Cluster Bioenergia Catalunya: "Biofuels and derivatives projects in the current Oil & Gas industry."
Alejandra Cordova / CETAQUA: "SEMPRE-BIO, new cost-effective solutions to produce Biomethane."
Odei Goñi / ENGIE Spain: " The REGENERA project: development of hybrid energy storage technologies and predictive models to transform industries into decentralized points for renewable energy management."
Luis Rafael Lopez / University of Girona: "Indoor CO2 as renewable carbon source: Coupling indoor CO2 direct air capture to microbial electrosynthesis technologies."
Erhard Perz / SIMTECH: "Simulation of virtual use-cases for the research project RESTORE using the web-based process simulation platform IPSE GO."

This workshop is for invited guests only. However, if you wish to participate drop us a line via the email netfuels.project@gmail.com. The meeting will be recorded and made available on our YouTube channel afterwards. Stay tuned for more details soon!"

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